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Post Claim Management- The Importance of Accident Investigation

By Jeff Ascher, AAI, PWCA

When an injury or accident occurs in the workplace, it’s critical to investigate the details of the incident. The purpose of accident investigation is to uncover the “5 W’s”:

• Who was involved?
• What transpired?
• Where did it take place?
• Why did the accident occur?
• When did it happen?

Although this seems like a logical thing to do after an accident, it’s important to be consistent and follow this process after all accidents, as well as “near misses” (accidents that were narrowly avoided).

Employees and/or supervisors that were involved or witnessed the accident should give a written account of the events. CoverraComp has documentation tools to help with this aspect of accident investigation. It’s also helpful if businesses have their accidents and near misses reviewed and discussed by a safety committee, or by management, to take steps to prevent them from reoccurring.

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